Joe and I have committed this year to reading the entire bible.  We each got one of the "Bible in a Year" books and started off quiet well on the 5th or 6th or something like that.  As to be expected, Joseph caught up on the first 5 days of his new year, while for me it is still January 27th, on Februrary 5th for the rest of you.  I may be taking it slow, but at least many things have stuck and are sinking in.  One of the many things I have re-discovered so far this year is that what is in your heart finds its way to the surface in what you say, do  and for me the facial expressions I give.  So my constant prayer for the new year is to become in my heart the person behind what Joseph likes to call my "telephone" voice; the cheery, helpful, brimming with true excitement for others, ready to help at a moments notice person who is that way because of the grace, forgiveness and love Christ showed for me and actually mean all of it when the bell tolls.