Sebastian's Gallery

Sebastiao was a monkey for Halloween.  This is him playing at his Gymboree party

Sebastiao really enjoyed Sesame Street Live, especially when Bert did "the hustle"

Sebastiao showing his true colors in his soccer jersey

Sebastiao had a full day at the San Diego Zoo when we visited in March

fun at the zoo

Sebastiao showing his newest talent (standing!)

Sebastiao at the San Diego zoo enjoying the beautiful day

Sitting up and playing all by himself


That squash sure is good!

Playing in our new activity center

Laughing with Uncle Patrick

At the Desert Museum in Tucson

Our Trip to Tucson

Sebastian with one of his great grandmothers

Sebastian with Treva

This is my Dad with Sebastian only a few hours after he was born

Sebastian and Joe catching a cat nap

Sebastian on his way home from the hospital

Sebastian and my mom when he was only a few days old

Sebastian with his cousins Ryan, Jenna and Katie

With my sister Lori

This was Sebastian's first bath

Sebastian with Joseph's Mom

Liam, Erica, Adan, Sebastian, Me and Joseph in October